Welcome to Core Personal Training Studio!

Core is a place where you can explore, discover and reach your potential with personal support. This small studio setting offers privacy and quality training. Our studio exercises a strict no “drill-seargent” policy. A successful approach to fitness includes accountability, motivation, appropriate progress based on each persons fitness levels and a natural boost of confidence.  We work together to walk the path of success. This is where lives are changed!

New to Core? See our Reservation Tab where a 30% off of personal training and group fitness is offered on all of our packages to all first timers! (Use code N2C)

Core Personal Training Studio Featured on San Diego 6 Morning Show!


I had worked out for years, cycling through every fitness trend. Lani’s personal training literally changed my life. You never do the same workout twice and you’re always challenged but having fun. I’ve gotten the kind of visible, lasting results that makes other people ask about it; my friends now call it “Body by Lani”!- Lilly